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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 17, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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filibuster but there is new details about a controversial speech that he spoycedly made that could throw a kink in the process. i am eric shaun. >> it is brand new. we are following a lot of storyings, i am jamie colby. critizing the jewish lobby and. senator hagag's comments have reverb rated and he is once bashed the state department for the relationship with israel in a speech a few years ago and comments he said he didn't remember and disavows. what is the latest, >> senator lindsay graham has new concerns about church hagel. the former senator is considered as defense secretary and his vote faced a filler .
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nomination of john brennan is hanging in the balance. senator graham is concerned that hagel might think that the israelis have too much influence in washington. >> allege wouldly senator hagel said that the u.s. state department was adjunct of the israeli foreign minister's office which would be breath taking if he said that to have a view. i got a letter back from senator hagel in did you say that or believe that. high said he didn't recall that and disavowings. he also concerns about bengazi . even though hagel was not in time graham demanding answers. the white house said congress has plenty of answers from them about bengazi. >> you know, just the other day, our counselsent a letter
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to capitol hill on the latest on bengazi. that is it 10,000 pages of documents we have provided. >> the president himself said a lot of the questions of bengazi were driven by congress and they're running out of questions to ask. stiantor john mccain said hagel is not qualified but the senate should confirm him because a reasonable amount of time has passed. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. >> it is an emotional day in rome, that has pope john paul ii blesses want faithful from his window. for the first time since announcing his resignation. a crowd of 50,000 fill would st. peter's square 11 days before the pope is stepping
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down. meanwhile the cardinals are areiching in rome to lobby for the next pope of the church. pastor of our lady. monsingor always good to see you. >> good to be with you, too. >> what direction will the church go and who will the cardinals pick? >> i think we have a couplele of issuings facing us. the need for a strong organizational leadership in rome. between the aging of john paul ii and a pope in the late cents and 80s and admits he's slowing down, a lot has been let g. we need a strong letter in rome and be directive . someone with john paul roim two's charis mareach out to the third world and europe and america where we have lost many, many catholics. i hope we have someone with a new vibrant vision and someone from the third world who puts
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us in church with want major i wanty of catholics in central and south america. >> there is it a discussion that the new pontiff could be from africa or latin america. >> that would be wonderful, too. >> there is it a decent chance, why look at america and europe, we say we are facing diminishing vocation and where is the church strongest and most viand groying in've by leaps and bounds. africa and central america. we have a vocation crisis in the united states, why are not getting enough young min to step forward and be a priest. in south america they have more than enough. that is a sign that the church is alive and growing, why not turn to the leadership and can you bring that to the universal church and give us the shot in the arm why need. >> how does it actually work? they come in certain meetings
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and voting blocks and more italians among the 117 card nalce, what do they do? >> here is the problem in. old days most of the cardinals were based in roim, because they were inity lie, they got to know each other. it was a familiarity. you have awe universal church and cardinals throughout the world. they do i want get a lot of time to understand each other's personality. the time before the conclave is a time for them to say what are their strengths and bring to the table? preparation time is essential for them ton who is it that we are voting for? we are crales in america and a year long of electing a president. in rome, it is the opposite. they have a short time to find out who the best and have the leadership and also be a presence . that's why there will not be a
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conclave for several weeks, they are there to find out who are the candidates and leaderless. they are getting to know each other. the greatness of the church is the universality of the church . weakness in this case, they're spread all over the world many cardinals may not have met each other and would have to vote. >> you have a sense . front runner and who they're looking at? >> i am a local pride. i think cardinal timothy doll an is holy and smart and fun i and self deprecate whether or not they would turn to an american i don't know. cardinal george from chicago has all of the tickets as well. wonderful holy man and they return to america, i doubt it but it would be wonderful if they trusted a guy like timothy dollan. he's only in the 60s. but a larger european block
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and they'll dominate the initial vote. perhaps it would be an italian again. i would love to see a candidate from africa or central or south america. >> they have palm sunday march 2th. they expect a new pontiff. you think they'll reach it by then and on that day, thrawe'll - on that we'll know? >> we thought after john paul ii it would be a long conclave and they quickly elected joseph ratzinger. they might have one candidate that stands out and they finda anaise meeting. the election of john paul roim -- i overnight. he was prayerful and they picked him almost automatically and stame with pope john paul ii. you - pope benedict. i don't think we can tell at this point.
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>> monsingor, always good to see you and we'll pull for a longhornser or north american as you say. >> thank you, eric. >> libyans, thousands of therm marking the uprising that toppled gad gad. many are sporting flaggings on their cars and balloons and featuring the national colors. the new leader calling for unity in the nation. but the new libyan central government has little authority beyond the capitol of tripoli. the country is fractured. there are militia. >> explosion in baghdad this morning. 28 people were killed and dozens more wounded . here you can see burned out hulkings was -- buildings and
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cars. sunday is the beginni of the work day there. >> the national gun debate rages on and new quis of a potential fall out. they are halting production in response to sweeping gun laws. adam houseley is following this from los angeles. hi, adam. >> hi, jamie. you talked about new york and california, nationally as well. over the weekend it is all about colorado. they have had four bills passed in a crazy session over the weekend. they expect thim to be signed. gun tax on all purchases and ban on private steal of fire arms and instituting a background check. they have banned magazines that hold more than 15 rounds that concerned the manufacturer there in colorado. there are thoughts that the company might leave if that
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ban is passed. in the meantime the vice-president lobbied many legislators and calling moderate districts trying to insure they will support this and put thyself bills forward . when you talk to people all about this in colorado, they're concerned about the jobs and the company mag pole that does manufacture the gun stuff there. take a listen. >> mag poll is it a manufacturer here in colorado and we want to keep those jobs here in colorado. i want to stee that part of the bill taken out of it >> it is it about magazines. thoogs the word i was looking for. gun magazine and magpole. the vice-president ised, jamie and then the national debate as well. this is it something that is it continuing to gain support and critics of the people of the second amendment right.
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this battle will continue and we are seeing it more localized. jamie. >> adam, housely, in los angeles. thanks. it is it a winter storm and dumping heaveny snow in maine and new hampshire . also in providence town, massachusetts. they're digging out from the blizzard and two more storms are expected to move across the u.s. this week. chief meteorologist, rick, i am guessing it is winter and i believe we have a snow. it is it cold in the eastern part of the country. 17 in new york and take a look at 44 in tampa, it is it alm the way down in florida . we are filing at 52 in miami. if you are in the north thinking 52 who cares. if you are in florida 52 feels
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cool. cool one tonight and another cold one on tap and hard freeze warnings . hard freeze watch in areas of central florida. one more cold night and we'll warm things up. two-three inches of snow in the carrolls. that is in eastern areas was new england it is it a similar storm to what we stee next week it is not as big of an impact in parts of the main land. we are seeing 4-5 inches much snow and jumpt south in the cape. wind blowing the snow around and causing visibility issues and problems under the airport. in the west especially it is calm and file for a while. there is it a system here . if you are looking at this week ahead, eric.
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it is thursday we are looking at a big weather day and blizzard like nebraska and iowa and thursday is going to be a big one. blizzard is happening and big snow in nebraska it is welcome news . all of the big drought is going on and it is it dumping a lot of snow. that will melt the crops this year. >> negative nine tonight in maine. thanks. >> you beat. jamie. >> and do not bury your head in the sand because of your credit report. there are new warnings about the credit score . a new study throws up rid flalges and what you need to know about the credit history. next in the consumer segment. >> an airline passenger accused of slapping a baby. >> he said it again. ine more hateful and his arm
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>> this year marks a year since the devastating night
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club fire in rhode island . survivors and family members are gathering today to remember those lost. joining them will be a governor of the state and a surgeon that helped many victims. there is a foundation trying to raise a million to put a memorial. the fire star sparked with pirow technic shows when it sparked sound proofing. >> i mentioned that new government study that threw up red flag on credit reports. if you have one of those you have a credit report and score that people look at that decide if you are credit worthy. 10s of millions have mistakes and may. in the consumer protection segment, i wanted to show you how to protect your credit
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history and fix it if your report is wrong. want president for smart john, welcome back. >> thanks jame i for having me. >> this is so important and easy. break the news for those who don't know, how easy is it to get a copy of your credit report? >> it is extreme leap easy. we all have a right under federal law where we can get one copy . credit report every 12 months and depending on what state you are living in. you may be entitle of additional free copies. the web september to claim your federal freebey. you don't need a credit card . you should claim it once every 12 monthings. you don't you don't know if it is right or wrong. >> let me jump in. annual credit it is free, folks. once you get it how do you
11:20 am
know, john what error to look for and what are the most common? >> you are going to want to go through it with a fine tooth comb and look specifically at the identification section and trade section. it is it a fancy way of saying all of your account information and public record and collection and inquiries. it has impact on your ability to get credit. most of that impacts your credit score because they are going to want to make sure if you go through inventory of information that account information is it cricket and delingquencies that they did happen . public records actually belong to you. >> for example bankruptcy and reorganization and owing money when you lose a job. it could not have been your fault you want to correct it and make sure it is it up to date. does the credit reporting
11:21 am
agency do that for you and what do you have to do on your part? >> that is it a good question and that is it one of the most important things coming out of the study. they don't have to do anything until you tell them that something is wrong. you could have errorous information on the credit report and they have no obligation to correct it because they don't know it is incorrect. you have to tell them this is wrong and here's why it is wrong and then their obligations kick in and they perform an investigation and correct it >> what period of time. 30 days to correct it that's the bad newings. look 2013, it is it high lie automated process and most are rectified in a couple of weekings. >> you have to do all three. trans union and equafax. >> yeah it is experian.
11:22 am
a lot of people believe if you get one report corrected it automatically means that the other two are corrected as well. that is not true. if you have an area on all three, you will go through the drill with each credit reporting agency. >> let me tell folks one sobering statistic in this report, 42 million americans have errors on the credit report and 96 percent of the americans don't pull their credit report and leave it there and those errors continue to stay unless you do something about it great information and stow glad you are here, thank you. >> thanks for having me, jamie, good day. >> for all of the consumer protection segments, this is one you can't ignore. if you want to see the other ones, it is easy, go to fox click on america's news headquarters and you will find a link to the last 21 consumir
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protection excerpts. eric? >> voting one, two, three, four, five, six times. the story . ohio poll worker who admitted to vote for president obama not once and admits to voting for other people, too. she ins it not voters fraud. >> there are questions about the president's hilth care laws. more republican governors are rejecting a key component of the election. will it affect you? stay tuned. 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection
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>> pope benedict is offering a blessing from st.'s square. it was the pont itch's second
11:28 am
to last public blessing pontiff's second to last public blessing before stepping down. 1200 people were injured in the incident in russia and 40 remain in serious condition. illegal immigrants would be allowed to obtain green card in the eight years. the white house said the official bill not finalized. we'll talk about fall out over the president's healthcare overhaul. they are reject being a key component of the legislation. that requires an on line market place for anyone who buys leaving it up to the federal government to pay for it there funds are rung low and certain people may be lelth without healthcare.
11:29 am
former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor is jowning me now. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> and there seems to be kinks at this point, matt, why are the governors against it? >> i think it is part policy and part is politics president obama put together his healthcare plan as we refer to it as obama care. he did that with democratic votes . that started the process. we watched the presidential election that red stateses are turning red and blew states are blewer. you are seeing mostly red states deciding they want no part of the obama care and blue states are opting in. they will get federal funding to start their plans, but there is concerns as to
11:30 am
whether the dollars will go far enough. red state governors say there are not enough dollars there. this was your idea mr. president and you run with it? >> already tennessee's governor has said and i am saying that the plan has aggressive federal time lines and lack of flexibility for the states misguided federal policiless and chris christ i and florida's governor said we will have no part of it where is the people left that are going to need to be covered by insurance? >> that's the most important point. exactly where does it leave the low income people in the red states that are going to not have access to the same type of coverage, good type much coverage as they should. i think matt is right when he breaks it down in policy and politicings. when you look at the states that are deciding not to set up their exchanges.
11:31 am
many of them sued the federal government and wanted to get rid of obama care. we have a little bits of this going on in even wisconsin and south carroll republican, elected officialsed to go after anyone whoment tod implement obama care in that state. i don't think that legislation will pass. but there is it a lot of political anger and some republicans want to get rid of obama care by any means necessary. what is happening. we have seen more young people have insurance than in decades and as this law continue to take affect be as mayors see the benefits of it we'll work through the kinks . states will learn from each other. they're republican and red states and will come around.
11:32 am
not maybe in the next couple of years. but obama care is here to say. 23 states will work within the plan, come up with our own or partner with president obama and the white house. but the money. it takes money as everything else in the country does. do we have enough to do that? >> that really. taking the politics out of it and look at governors make sense in tough economic times with budgets that are squeezed. they were looking to see what kind much federal dollars -- of federal dollars are in the man date and the politics became mored in. the red states they decide it was not enough money to comply with what the obama administrationmented to do. for the blue states, jamie, there is a concern that there are not enough dollars. if you separate the consumer
11:33 am
from the price which is it what all federal programs tend to do and you don't center downward pressure on what the costs are. obama care is here to stay and it will get more and more expensive unless we can talk to constumers about what it costless. october 1st is when you can start signing up for coverage on january 1st . jamu, if we don't have the money, how do we take care of it in states that are disagreeing and those with preexisting condition and high risk, are they vulnerable? what is great about obama care, jamie. remember as of this next year, if you have a preexisting condition, health insurance companies are not going to be able to deny you. once that kicks in, many of the push back that we have seen from the republicans
11:34 am
trying to get rid of obama care to this day even though they lost in the supreme court and lost in the legislature, i think the american people and the will of them especially those with preexisting conditions will shut this down effectively . now when we think about the massive amounts of people who were uninsured coming into the health insurance system, that is going to bring costs down, again, is this going to happen immediately? >> it will have to be closely monitored jamu. >> prices will not come down. >> i will leave it there and thanks for presenting both sides. folks, out there keep an eye on this one. >> thanks, jamie. >> and now for a look, be on
11:35 am
the news >> great prime minister israeli stands out for singlular accomplishmentings. chief among them ability to get along with queen victoria . ask by a noble man how he did it he famously denied. i never deny or contradict and i sometimes forget. think hillary clinton and leon paneta and susan rice and john brennan, all part of the parade of prevaricators in the hearings and media interviews and denying and forgetting what happened in the u.s. mission and a c.i.a. safe house in bengazi in september 11th 2012, protecting the boss is critical despite the fact he won reelection with a campaign unsullied by the hint that his team misguided the
11:36 am
attack. we found out the president went missing that night as four americans fought for their lives and lost. this latest startling tidbit that obama was out of the touch with with testimony from leon paneta and in a letter senate to the senate runs by the white house. they demanded answers to key questioning, questions. did anyone get in touch with the libya government to get help. white house said no, not that night but the following. september 12th after the u.s. ambassador and three other mirns met their deathings. it turns out former secretary of state clinton and mr. obama spoke to each other during the attack but neither involved the secretary of defense or the chairman of the joint chiefs. after a regularly scheduled half hour briefing in the late
11:37 am
afternoon, both men were basically out of the loop while bengazi burned for eight hours. the republican strategy to find out answers is bound up with confirmation hearings for chuck hagel, the president's nomination of secretary -- john brennan. republicans have been successful in holding off both votes until after they return from risess on february twoifth. the new york time calls it political score settling. but bengazi is very much in the running for scandal status a nation fails to defend its citizens, it is time to take a hard look who is in church. clearly perturbed president obama said it is unfortunate
11:38 am
it intrudes when i am presiding over a war in stanford and i need a secretary of defense. he was off to palm bach for more golf. all manner of theories and conspiracy theories are wafting above the muck . bengazi debate . talk of a secret war in libya. that said one therorist was like kicking the hornest's nest. many are not surprised at mr. brennan's off of the books role. a man according to colleagues is a photogenetic thug. senator mccain in arizona smells blood. where he asked had the 20 or 30 american survivors of bengazi and why wouldn't the media press this issue instead of camping out in front much a
11:39 am
stalled cruise ship? lastly, a statement by secretary of defense paneta seems grotesque. the u.s. military is it not a 911 service he said. clearly an announcement of diminished of expects and arrogance and truth are all thry. perhaps he should re-read israeli. >> you can't vote for than once in a election. but in cincinnati people voted twites and in one case it seems maybe more. november this apparently happened and officials say it did. coming up. the details of the ohio voters fraud investigation from the presidential race. announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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11:44 am
three, four times maybe more? that is the possibility in cincinnati where a veteran poll worker admits she voted twice and also for other people in the november presidential election . she voted in person and absentee ballot because she feared her vote would not count. >> i voted twice. after registeringmented my vote to count and i stroted at the polls. there was no intent to commit voters fraud. >> i went to her house in cincinnati but could not reach her for comment. but her grand daughter said she voted for her. the obama lawn sign was up three months after the election. it is one . double voting cases that are under investigation right nought by the hamilton county board of election and county prosecutor.
11:45 am
they join us from cincinnati, alex, welcome for joining us thomorning. >> good to be with us. >> you heard her she voted once. voted again . she apparently voted in her grand daughter's name and somebody else and more votes from that house in absentee ballots. what is the reaction to all of this? >> we are investigating it as we should and thoroughly . make a referial and hope it gets firmly prosecuted. >> she said it is not voters fraud, what do you think? >> i disagree with her. she could have voted six times and we think that that is a felony and we know it is it a felony in ohio and hopes she gets prosecuted to the fullest intend of the law. could be absentee ballots from the house. >> we are looking at other
11:46 am
people. but the individual you are talking about was a poll worker here in hamilton county for 25 years and that's unfortunate . without getting the great detail, she requested an early ballot and working as a poll worker cast a second ballot for herself that was counted and cast a ballot for her grand daughter and we building that she cast other ballots people at the same address she lives and she may have cast up to six ballots in this race. >> she said she would fight this and she will be at a hearing next friday . have you folkings been able to reach her to get an explanation. she said it is nolt voters fraud and she will fight. >> we have seen the same reports you have. i have not talked with her and the board heads not. some of thive team has- investigative team has. we have her subpeona to come to the board of election
11:47 am
meeting to come friday. we hope to hear from her then. >> alex, what do you say it is it a handful of votes. the gap 166,000. it wouldn't have changed the election it is just a few votes? >> what we are doing in the board of election is it a bipartisan thing right now. we are not going to talk about whether the election outcome would have changed but rooting out serious fraud that occurred and making sure we prosecute felony criminal contact. - conduct. >> what does it do to the tenants of our democracy when voters fraud is it proven and when it happens? >> it tears at our fabric of the democracy . that hurts our democracy, eric and that concerns all of us especially in a critical swing state like ohio. >> you have comments from the board of elections. investigators went out and talked to some of the voterss and one .
11:48 am
investigators said, i explained this to somebody else. i explained she voted twice. she told me not to bother her and got off of the phone and she hung up. she said yes, she voted and early and voted again, she asked what is it the problem? and another voters asked by the investigators, voters remembered both times and he doesn't know why he voted twice? how do you stop people from voting twice? >> part of it is you are doing and we are drawing attention to this and making sure people understand the rules. is it should be intuitive to every citizen and american that you have a right to vote once . sometimes, i guess for some people they understand and they are looking to engage in inappropriate and illegal country . those who stay voters fraud is it meaningless and a myth, what do you say?
11:49 am
>> well, that is just wrong . i mean, you can come to cincinnati and see it for yourself. it occurred here. we intend to root it out and fully investigate it and prosecute it. >> those hearings will be continuing and alex of the hamilton county board ofs, thank you for joiningugs. >> thank you, eric. >> if you suspect voters fraud where you live. it is at voters fraud at fox >> eric you almost don't believe it until you hear it thanks for the report. >> can you believe this? a shocking act of rage. a routine flight on an airplane turned in a nightmare after a fellow passenger assaulted her 19 month old son. >> he just basically growled at us. he could have hit my son so
11:50 am
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and a 30-tablet free trial.
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11:53 am
>> welcome back. yet another reported incident of air rage and airline passenger is accused of slapping a toddler and the boys mother is speaking out.
11:54 am
molly has details. >> it seems like a cute little boy. >> he's adorable. anyone traveling with a toddler knows it can be challenging and no parent expects them to lash out at their child with violence even under the cramped conditions of a plane flight. that's what a man is accused of doing. a minnesota mom boopereded a delta flight with young son joined on february eighth. she said the man next to her complain drinking and increasingly belergerent and she decided to have him in her cent. they returned to their spot. jonah started to cry . according to the court papers, the 60 year old joe ricky hunly seen her in a mug shot hissed a racial slur and lashed out at the child and slapped the two year old boy
11:55 am
across the face and resulted in a scratch underneath his right eye. >> he said it again. but even more hateful and i pushed him away and that's when he slapped jonah and people saw. >> hunly. has been suspended from his job e pending investigation. another passenger heard derogatory language and got out in time to investigate and saw the attack. hunley is it charged with simple assault the f.b.i. is investigating. >> the thank -- thank you. >> hagel's controversial comments he made about the state department, we'll have those claims coming up.
11:56 am
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i was >> there is it a new controversy about chuck hagel. he reportedly made about the state department and it could be the latest wrinkle in the confirmation process. we'll have details on that coming up. >> eric great to be with you. i hope you have a great sunday. i am jamie colby. stay where you


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